Welcome to Westhaven Baptist Church

New Summer Hours


Jr. Church          10:15 am-11:00 pm

Worship             9:45 am-11:00 pm


Adult Sunday School   None for Summer


Wednesday Family Night  None for Summer


Thursday Bible Study None for Summer


Haven's Point Daycare: 7:30am.- 6:00p.m.

Upcoming  Events



In these pages we will  show you our family and a glimpse of what our

Church is all about. All are invited to join our family. We are a Church founded on Mission. We first and foremost strive to bring people into a saving relationship with Christ. We use many means to reach those in need: from preaching to music, from seniors to children. Our goal is for all to to be a part of the family of God. For those who attend Westhaven, this is your family. For those who don't attend, this could be your family.