Welcome to Westhaven Baptist Church


Fall/Winter Hours:

Sunday School:                                       9:30 am

Sunday Services.                                    10:45 am


Jr. Worship:                                         During Sermon


Wednesday Family Night  Resumes in  Fall 2018

                      - 6:00 PM  Gather Together food and activities

                      - 6:45 PM  Adult, Youth and Children  Learning


Women's Bible Study Thursdays 1 - 2:30 pm 

Men's Group Free Breakfast and Bible Study  (Bacon, Bible, & Bro's):  Saturdays  9:00 am


Upcoming Event


In these pages we will  show you our family and a glimpse of what our

Church is all about. All are invited to join our family. We are a Church founded on Mission. We first and foremost strive to bring people into a saving relationship with Christ. We use many means to reach those in need: from preaching to music, from seniors to children. Our goal is for all to to be a part of the family of God. For those who attend Westhaven, this is your family. For those who don't attend, this could be your family.


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