The second Sunday of each month is Mission Sunday at Westhaven. We use this Sunday to highlight a specific Missionionary, Mission Field or area in need for our care and support.


On March 11th, we celebrated our White Cross work by dedicating our overlnad quota and rolling bandages during our Fellowship hour. The rolled bandages were sent to overseas hospitals. Our overland quota went to Friendship House in Hamtramack.


On April 15th, we looked at 2 local Mission opportunities which give donated items to people in need. We can donate clothing and household items to the following organizations knowing that families will receive them free of charge.


             Harbor Impact Ministries- 810-982-5312

             1963 Allen Road

             Kimball, MI 48074


             Blue Water United Methodist Free Store- 810-385-8840

             5775 Lakeshore Rd.

             Fort Gratiot, MI 48059


On May 13th, we gave our coin boxes and a giving calendar for The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. OGHS is taken once a year in hundreds of American Baptist Churches around the world. The income is brought in and used as follows:


Funds went to Japan for the Tsunami/Earthquake Relief, Colorado for hail storm relief, New York for Hurricane Ilene relief, Thailand for flood relief as well as 24 other places in 2011.


June 10th, we participated in The Nail Sale to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Raising funds to help refurbish 2 homes in the port Huron area. If you want to volunteer or donate money to help this great neighborhood mission, contact their office at



Or visit them on the web at: